If You Don’t See It, You Won’t Get It

Published on June 2, 2000

If You Don’t See It, You Won’t Get It

In hearing Guy Kawasaki speak about his early days at Apple Computer, evangelism was what made Apple a reality. Guy and his colleagues had to go out to software developers and convince them to commit resources to develop products for a hardware platform that wasn’t on the market yet. No one knew if the Apple computer would work and more importantly no one knew how the market would accept it. As you know, acceptance was no problem. However, Apple would not have succeeded if it did not convince the software manufacturers to take the risk of supporting an unknown.

Guy says if you have no product available for a new launch and history to sell, all you have is your belief. You have to evangelize the concept to get others to buy into it.

Titans also know that evangelism is not just for computer start-ups. It is necessary for any kind of influence. You can have the best product, but if you don’t have the confidence in it, then your chances of selling it is dramatically reduced.

How much do you believe in yourself and what you sell? If your beliefs fall short of allowing you to evangelize your solution to the world, then stop what you are doing and do what it takes to answer your own questions. For if you don’t believe, neither will your customers!

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