John Chambers- CEO Cisco Systems

Published onĀ July 2, 2000

John Chambers-CEO of Cisco Systems Who leads the fastest growing company in the history of the computer industry? Answer: John Chambers. For the past 21 consecutive quarters, Cisco Systems reached it’s profit expectations and has grown from annual revenues of $1.2 billion to $14 billion. According to Selling Power Magazine, Cisco enjoys the Titan position of controlling more than three quarters of the global market for products that link networks and form the hardware foundation for the internet. What’s John Chambers secret of success? Positioning Cisco as an old-fashioned manufacturing company of hi tech equipment that uses traditional channels to sell it’s products. But how can you sell through resellers if you book 85% of total orders over the internet? Mr. Chambers realized that the internet, if used properly, will send productivity through the roof and reduce overall cost of sales. His resellers can place orders on the net, track the delivery process and access any product information necessary to support the customer. This relieves high priced sales executives from spending their time on checking order status and working with the dealers on strategic initiatives that will take Cisco Systems to the next level. To keep the salespeople motivated, Cisco took the money issue out of the equation. Salespeople get paid whether the order is placed directly or through the internet. Eliminating the salesperson’s fear of “losing” to the internet, Cisco has managed to steer all of its employees and partners towards the most important goal of all: Giving their customers what they need the way they want it. A classic example of how The Titan PrincipleĀ®( works. As Cisco and John Chambers have proven, it is a highly profitable strategy. Congratulations to John Chambers, our Titan of the Month.

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