Stinking Thinking Leads to Lousy Results

Published on August 2, 2000

Did you ever hear of Stinking Thinking? I’m talking about all of the thoughts we are prone to have that pollute our minds and prevent us from achieving our goals.

Here is an example: If I said to you don’t think about Pink Elephants, what are you now thinking about? That’s right! You are now consumed with the thought of Pink Elephants. The mind does not filter out our negative thoughts. Instead, when we think negatively by using the words can’t, won’t, don’t, shouldn’t etc., we are automatically concentrating on what we “can’t” do.

If you are attempting a difficult challenge by saying to yourself this is never going to work, well you can figure what happens next. The only way to put yourself into the framework of making things happen is to concentrate your thinking of the positive and not the negative. Instead of thinking it won’t work, think about the results you are looking to achieve. That image automatically conjures up a whole new thought process on identifying the steps you will need to take to make things happen.

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