RICHARD BURLEY, Business Coach

Published on February 2, 2001

Richard Burley, a highly successful Canadian Business Coach, decided to try a new way of selling his services utilizing The Titan Principle®. Of the initial 13 calls he made using The Titan Principle®, he initiated 11 new client interviews. Two of the 13 were already using or had just begun new programs with Richard.

Of those 11, Richard only “closed” 4. The strange thing was that within a week he had the other seven sales managers calling him back to request follow-up interviews that subsequently turned into new business. They spoke to Richard in a way that made him feel like a conduit to the resource, not the resource itself.

Congratulations Richard!
To achieve the next level of success, it starts with the
first step of trying something new. You have obviously done that
and your results are spectacular.

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