Weiss 1% Rule

Published on February 2, 2001

A very successful colleague of mine, Alan Weiss, talks about his 1% Productivity Rule: If you increase your productivity one percent per day, you will double your productivity in 70 days. Some of you probably recognize this rule is based on the same formula used for compounded interested.

Can you imagine doubling your productivity in just 70 short days? It is certainly doable if you commit yourself to this path of action. Imagine what your total productivity gains can be for the year 2001?

So what actions are you committed to doing to increase your productivity 1% a day starting on Jan 2, 2001? Are you going to make more calls? Use the Internet as a valuable sales tool? Ask better questions on sales calls? Increase your value and discount less? Provide leadership that increases employee productivity and customer satisfaction? This is the time to figure out what you are going to do differently ext year. If you wait until next year to figure this out, you will be limiting your ability to optimize your 2001 performance.

The old saying goes: If you want to increase your results next year, then your actions either have to change or the intensity of the actions has to increase. If your actions were good enough to produce the higher results you are looking for in 2001, then you would have achieved them this year. What are you committed to doing differently in 2001?

Here’s a gift for you in this holiday season. Alan Weiss publishes a free electronic newsletter titled “Balancing Act”. It is dedicated to helping professionals like you achieve balance in your life by properly blending life, work and relationships. To sign up, go to:


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So pick up your champagne glass and let’s toast the new year. Here’s to implementing the right actions to achieve Titan Results in 2001!

Happy New Year!!!

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