Getting Information When You Want It

Published on March 2, 2001

My Palm VII (wireless) has become a source of great value, especially when it comes to tracking my flights. Instead of calling the airlines to see if my flight is on time, I simply check my Palm Pilot and get the latest info on departure, arrival and gates at both airports. Funny thing is I often get better information from the Palm Pilot than from the pilot flying the plane. When stuck at the gate for those long delays (5 minutes or more), and they still let you use your wireless devices, I look my flight up and get the real story as to when we are really going to leave. I have had instances where the pilot said it will be a couple of more minutes, but the Palm said the new departure time is much later than what the pilot has led you to believe.

Having this information allows me to make adjustments in my schedule as needed. But more importantly, it tells me what to expect. I don’t now about you, but I feel much better when I know what’s going on than being at the mercy of others who for some reason cannot or won’t give you the accurate information.

Is your technology keeping your customers up to date the way they want?

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