Honor Thy Buyer

Published on March 2, 2001

Richard Burley comes through again. If you recall, Richard was highlighted in our Titan Profile last month. Recently, I spoke with Richard on the phone and he was telling me of his plans to invite 100 of his clients to a roundtable discussion in April with the theme being “Honor Thy Buyer”.

What a powerful concept! How often do we take the time to sit back and really appreciate all that we have? If it weren’t for our customer’s business, we might not be as fortunate as we are today and would not be able to enjoy the life style we are accustomed to. Yes, I’m sure you would like more. Who wouldn’t? But before you can move further up the ladder of success, you must take note of and appreciate your current success.

In my hectic life, I sometimes (not often enough) force myself to stop and really take in all I have achieved. I realize none of it would be possible were it not for my clients giving me the opportunity and privilege to work with them. Yes, we all do provide value and our clients also benefit from our products and services. But how often do we allow ourselves to really appreciate the business they throw our way.

Who knows? If we allow ourselves to feel the gratitude once in a while, it just may show in our actions when we service our customers. When that happens, who knows how far you can really grow your existing relationships?

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