Pat Bald

Published on March 2, 2001

Pat Bald,Contract Administrator, Agfa Medical Imaging

During a recent tour, I heard sales executives of Agfa Medical Imaging in every city refer to Pat Bald as “Saint Pat”. So, who is Pat Bald?

Pat is an invaluable resource who works tirelessly and unselfishly to support the needs and requirements of the U.S. Sales Teams. She gives them fast turnaround on requests for film agreements that results in customers committing to Agfa as quickly and expeditiously as possible. In doing her work, Pat never complains. She always has a “smile” on her face that can be heard over the phone as she works with the field sales teams. She truly lives by the Titan Principle motto of “Giving the customer what they need, the way they want it”.

Pat’s colleagues in Business Operations for Agfa Medical Imaging are also known for their incredible support. The fact of the matter is Sales Titans are beholden to the people who support their efforts in the field.

Congratulations to Pat Bald,
our Titan Profile of the Month.
You have shown us how sales success is truly a team sport.

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