What’s Stopping You?

Published on April 2, 2001

Frustrated that you are not breaking through new levels of success? How about the frustrations you may have with your employees who are not breaking through new levels of success?

Many times we will want to accomplish a certain breakthrough, yet we are often deterred because we are saddled with all the reasons and stories as to why it cannot be done. For the most part, these stories are either real or imaginary.

We define real as having tried to do something and running into obstacles that have prevented us from getting what we want. Imaginary is defined as wanting to try something new, but not doing it because of the fears, reasons and obstacles we anticipate will prevent us from reaching our desired destination. And because we believe the imaginary stories residing in our mind, they become very real to us, even though many times there is no fundamental reason to support their existence without trying to execute the action.

To help you and your employees achieve performance breakthroughs, please take the time to carry out the process
below. It can be the difference between failure and success.

1. Identify the breakthrough you want to achieve

2. Identify the reasons, fears and projected obstacles (your stories) as to why it cannot be done

3. Ask yourself: Do I have clear evidence that these stories are real or do I believe them to be real?

4. If the fears, reasons and projected obstacles are imaginary, don’t let them stop you from carrying out the actions necessary to achieve your breakthrough

By using this process, you will find that often the things that stop us from achieving breakthroughs is not that our actions won’t work, but rather our fears and beliefs that prevent us from carrying out the actions to begin with.

As a leader, you need to practice this process on a daily basis in order to raise the bar of success for your organization. Not allowing your fears and beliefs to prevent you from carrying out new actions will also provide you with the qualifications and confidence you will need to coach others in achieving greater success.

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