It’s Time to Raise the Bar

Published on May 2, 2001

Remember the last time you bought a home or some other expensive item which caused you concern over how you were going to afford it? Yet after making the purchase, you somehow raised the level of activity and did what you had to do to support your purchase. Well, it’s that time to raise the bar again!

Let’s say your quota for this year is $1,000,000. If you really want to make sure you do at least 100% of your quota, you need to raise the yearly number by at least 25%. You do this for two reasons: 1) If there are unforeseen obstacles blocking your path such as a weakened economy, your efforts to sell $1,250,000 will probably be sufficient enough to guarantee a year at 100% of quota ($1,000,000). The second reason is simple. If you really want to shine as a Sales Titan, your goal is not to reach quota, but to exceed quota.

So do yourself a favor. Take your yearly quota and bump it up by 25%. Then divide it by 12 months. This new number should be your goal for minimum performance. Now look at your actions and strategies and see if they are strong enough to support this new number. If not, make the appropriate changes in your daily activities.

With four months of the year already used up, you may even have to further increase your activities in order to make up any deficit you may be facing.

Whatever your situation is remember that your value as a Sales Titan increases dramatically when you exceed performance expectations, no matter what the circumstances of the marketplace are. We all have more control over our destiny then we tend to believe. Raise the bar and plan for more. You just may reach that new level of success.

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