Be the Big Talker

Published on June 2, 2001

Recently my 7 year old daughter Amanda blurted out to a client staying at our house that “my daddy is the ‘big talker'”. She went on to say that I always get what I want because I ‘big talk’ my way into it.

Amanda now introduces me to everyone as the “big talker”. Come to think of it, I love this nickname. And Amanda is right. I am the “big talker”!

I realized that the only thing that stops people from getting what they want are themselves. When I look at successful sales people, there are inherent traits in all of them, one of which is Tenacity.

Tenacity is driving towards an end result that you believe in and not accepting any other outcome. In ‘Big Talking’ my way to positive outcomes, there are 3 behaviors that I constantly employ to achieve the desired result.

1) Determination– When someone says no, I don’t give up. I fact, my competitive juices start flowing at that point. Do you immediately give up and say it is not possible? Tenacity is not giving up when someone says no. It is about finding a way to convert that no to a yes.

2) Keep Searching for What’s Missing– When ‘Big Talking’ my way to the desired outcome, I try to understand what the person is going through, the challenges they have and what motivates them. I ask for this information if I don’t have it. I find out what’s missing for them and try to come up with a win-win discussion. If I don’t find a way for my recommendation to help the people I am trying to influence, then I will not get what I want in the end.

3) Evangelism– For me to succeed as a ‘Big Talker”, I must have an evangelistic belief that what I am looking for is right for everyone involved. The enthusiasm you exhibit creates the environment for people to want to listen with interest.

1) Yes, Amanda, I am a ‘Big Talker’. But don’t get confused by the term. I don’t do all the talking. I ask questions to find out what’s missing, listen intently and figure out strategies how to turn the no into a yes.

2) I am totally committed to the outcome. Failure is not an option. Without this attitude, you can do all the talking you want and come up short.

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