CD Business Cards

Published on June 2, 2001

Tired of carrying all those brochures and spec sheets? Then go to the nearest dumpster and throw them out (you may want to check with your boss first).

Companies now are getting smart and trim by providing their sales people with CD Rom’s the size of a business card. These CD’s are easy to use. Just throw them into your CD drive and have access to the latest price and product information, testimonials, videos, etc. Whatever you want your customers to see, you can probably fit on this small CD Rom. Your printer may not like this idea, but your customers may like it and it will take a load off of your salespeople’s shoulders.

The CD Rom certainly does not mean the end of the printed material. There are still people who want your information the old fashioned way. But maybe you should look into how technology can help you distribute your information. It may just differentiate you from the competition

Two companies that offer this service are and ****

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