It Only Takes One to Be Free

Published on June 2, 2001

What are two of the keys to success? Persistence and faith! Just ask Anthony and Charles Shepherd.

Anthony and Charles were charged and convicted in 1987 with the death of a livery cab driver. During the last 14 years in jail, Anthony Faison never gave up on the fact that he was innocent. Relentless in trying to get his story heard, he wrote thousands of letters until one was heard and acted upon. Michael Race, a private investigator, received a letter from Mr. Faison and agreed to look into the case at no charge. He was convinced of Mr. Faison’s innocence from the letter he received. In the New York Times, Mr. Race was quoted as saying, “It was the determination of this kid, how much he believed in what he is doing, how strongly he felt he got railroaded,…He just wanted someone to listen to him.”

After two years of investigations and 14 years in jail and thousands of letters proclaiming their innocence, both Anthony Faison and Charles Shepherd were released from jail on Monday, May 14th, 2001. The real killer was caught this past weekend after the main witness recanted her testimony.

What a powerful story! You may ask yourself, what does this have to do with motivation and life? Everything! The two keys that led to these two men’s freedom are the persistence and faith of Mr. Faison. His relentless pursuit to get someone to hear him led to a door opened by Mr. Race. His passion for the cause spurred Mr. Race to action. Imagine if Anthony Faison gave up after the first 100, 1000, or even 10,000 rejections.

In sales it only takes one person to say ‘yes’ to make a difference. Don’t be stopped by the rejections along the way. Believe in yourself and keep fanning the flames of your passion. Your persistence will pay off in the end. It always does. Just ask Anthony Faison and Charles Shepherd.

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