Douglas McIntosh & Michael Poris Principal’s

Published on September 2, 2001

The economy’s soft and business is declining, right? Don’t tell that to Douglas McIntosh and Michael Poris, principal’s of one of the hottest architectural firms in Detroit.

In the last year alone their billings have increased by over 40%. In just the past six weeks, they closed 8 new projects with initial billings of over $1 Million dollars. They claim a great deal of their success comes from repeat clients who keep coming back to them with new projects. But, if you look deeper, there is another reason.

The mission of McIntosh Poris Associates is to achieve transformation through dialogue and vision. They carry out this mission by addressing each new client and project as a joint collaboration. Douglas and Michael don’t go into new projects selling their vision. They go into the projects creating a joint vision with the client from scratch. This strategy results in clients feeling like they have ownership of the project and that it is their creation, not some idea forced down their throats by an egotistical architect.

The result from this strategy is a thriving business in difficult times. Let’s take a page from Douglas and Michael’s book. Are you more interested in selling your point of view and products, or are you interested in the client’s point of view? The end result is the same, selling your products and services. The difference is you tend to sell a lot more when the client thinks it’s their idea!

Congratulations to Douglas McIntosh and Michael Poris, our Titan Profile of the month. You truly give your clients what they need the way they want it!

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