Bernie Mangano

Published on December 2, 2001

Bernie Mangano N.E. Regional Director Information Mapping Inc.

At this time of year we all look back on what we have achieved. In Bernie Mangano’s case, looking back over the last 4 years, his team has achieved a whopping sales increase of 342% for the region! Bernie accomplished this phenomenal result through both his leadership skills and sales philosophy.

In terms of sales philosophy, Bernie says:

“My team particularly focuses on the companies’ (our customers) key business goals and objectives. If we focus our meetings and our solutions on these key goals and objectives, and partner with them on the solution, there are usually no obstacles. The next logical step is to move forward with Information Mapping.”

Bernie wants his customers to view him as a partner or prime resource rather than a vendor.

Congratulations to Bernie Mangano, our Titan of the Month. Resource positioning and helping customers achieve their goals is what Sales Titans are all about!

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