Cheryl Edwards

Published on January 2, 2002

Cheryl Edwards – Director of Medical Education

Charlie Roth, M.S. Director of Training & Education
Wright Medical Technology, Inc

Remember the last sales meeting you attended? You just had to show up and the event went on without a hitch. Meetings started on time. The accommodations were just right. The audio visual worked. The meals tasted good. The awards were delivered to the deserving winners. The speakers were great and delivered quality programs. And the list keeps going on and on….

The paragraph above sounds mundane at best. Yet it is the Herculean efforts of a few devoted people that turn ordinary meetings into successful and memorable events. As a professional speaker, our success is due in large part to the support of the meeting planner and executives who hire us. They are motivated to do whatever it takes to ensure our presentations are successful. Everything from making sure the room is set up just right to providing us with all of the information we need to successfully customize our presentations.

These individuals often go unnoticed. In some cases, they are professional meeting planners. In others cases, they are executives or support staff saddled with the extra responsibilities of putting on a phenomenal production. In either case, they have tremendous pressure to do whatever it takes to succeed. Sales meetings are a big expense designed for a specific purpose- to create a motivating experience and communicate the goals of the organization and actions required to succeed. These meeting set the tempo for the year. If the meetings themselves fall below their expectations, the success of the campaigns they were intended to support is automatically negatively impacted. In some cases, meetings can make or break a given campaign. There is no room for failure when it comes to producing a meeting.

My hat goes off to Cheryl Edwards and Charlie Roth who did their job phenomenally well in helping stage a recent national sales meeting I was invited to speak at. In no uncertain terms, their efforts helped make my presentation the huge success it was. We congratulate Cheryl and Charlie, our Titan Profiles of the Month. We also congratulate all of you who help produce meetings. Your efforts are felt throughout your organization.

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