Frank R. Davies – AFLAC

Published on February 2, 2002

Frank R. Davies State Sales Coordinator- AFLAC

Great field leadership is the key to any organizations success. In this spirit, we honor this month’s Titan- Frank R. Davies.
For the past 13 years Frank has been the State Sales Coordinator for AFLAC in the Great State of Texas. When Frank started that role 13 years ago, his region did $2.9M in new business. In 2002, his region wrote $49M+ in new business. He has successfully grown his region by 25.2% annually in new business revenue. When you get a chance to meet him, you realize how he does it.

The first thing you will notice is Frank’s confidence in himself and his product. The next thing you recognize is his enthusiasm and passion when he talks about his product and company. He really believes what he does makes a difference. You know what, he does make a difference! There is absolutely no way he could successfully lead the charge behind the growth described above if he did not believe in his abilities and in the people who work for him. Funny thing is I nearly quit my profession to join his team. The only thing that stopped me was the evangelism I have for what I do.

By the way, when Frank started with AFLAC 26 years ago, he took a risk going from a salaried position to a commission structure. He made a personal commitment to learn from the best and give it a full 12 months to see if he could succeed in this environment. He also was willing to embrace the concept of change; in his career in order to increase his standard of living; and more importantly, his feeling of self-worth by positively impacting the lives of others.

Embracing change, commitment to succeed, self-confidence, passion in what you do and being a life long student These are attributes that Titans live by each and every day in their quest to raise their level of performance.

Congratulations Frank Davies, our Titan Profile of the Month. You certainly have shown us what it takes to succeed in sales and leadership.

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