I See, I Hear, I Do!

Published on April 2, 2002

It is a well known fact that when a student hears a concept and sees how it works, their retention level is around 40%. But when they actually implement the techniques, retention skyrockets to 80% and so does their level of success.

The “I Do” part is mission critical and it all revolves around personal accountability. Accountability is not a new subject for Sales Titans. What is new is that we are now releasing The Titan Principle® Accountability Program. This program is designed to dramatically increase management’s return on investment in their people.

There are two critical pieces to the success of this program:

1)It is learner-driven. That’s right…the onus is on the employee to do what it takes to become proficient in the skills taught in The Titan Principleâ methodology.

2) The key measurement and accountability factor is based on “verbal proficiency”. When one is asked verbally to explain things and give examples, it is hard to fake proficiency. It forces one to really prepare so they are ready to represent you and your company.

This is why many assessments involve BOTH verbal and written parts. Doctors often have to pass verbal AND written exams to be board certified. Your employees should be able to pass a verbal assessment to represent your interests. If they cannot do it properly in front of you,why should you expect them to do it any differently in front of your biggest stakeholders, the customer?

The Titan Principle® is broken down into 10 checkpoints. After reviewing and working through each checkpoint, the employee will sit down one-on-one or in a group setting with a manager and verbally show their proficiency for the material in question. In preparation for this meeting, team work is increased as employees will ask each other for ideas and moral support. Before you know it, the team is working together sharing ideas and jointly improving their skills set.

Management gets a clear picture how well each employee understands the concepts. They can quickly identify those who have the right attitude and grasp of the knowledge. They also have a tool that they can use to easily coach their employees and provide consistency in terms of product knowledge and sales techniques. Bottom line, this process provides management with a greater return on investment.

If you don’t hold people accountable and ensure a strong level of understanding regarding your policies and procedures, you will never know the level of their proficiency. Actually, you may only find out by having to deal with their mistakes. People tend to prepare as little as possible to be good enough to get by.

Titans go all out and do what it takes to be the best. Titan organizations demand the best of their employees and set high standards of performance.

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