John Treace and Bill Scott

Published onĀ April 2, 2002

John Treace and Bill Scott Wright Medical Technology (WMT)

Success starts at the top. It starts with the direction and attitude of the leaders. From here, a culture builds and an image forms as to what an organization represents to the community it serves.

John Treace, Sr. VP for U.S. Sales, and Bill Scott, Sr. Dir. of Sales Administration, understand this and thatā€™sone of the main reasons they have achieved great success in their careers. Since coming to Wright Medical Technology, sales have increased substantially and a major turnaround has started to take hold within the WMT sales organization.

John knew if they were going to take this 40+ year old company to the next level, they needed to change theattitude of the sales force and do a better job of being in tune with their customer needs. They realized that the sales force needed to be expanded, the quality of the sales people needed to be improved and more training and tools were needed.

The changes they implemented resulted in increased sales, greater brand name recognition and increased return for their shareholders.

John is living proof that it all starts at the top. He is the first one to say he could not have done it alone.Wright Medical Technologyā€™s President, Barry Bays, started the ball rolling by bringing John in. John in turn created a dynamic team around him to make things happen, including Bill Scott.

Their story points out two things Titans need to succeed:

1) Sales success is a team sport.

2) When a company hires you or a customer buys your product, they are looking for better results through your efforts than they have already achieved.

That is the value all of us need to bring to the table if we are in fact going to increase sales performance.

Congratulations Wright Medical Technology Inc.ā€™s John Treace and Bill Scott, our Titan Profile of the Month. You have given us a vivid picture of what it takes to successfully lead a sales force to new heights.

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