Paralysis Is A State of Mind

Published on April 2, 2002

This week we tragically and unexpectedly lost a phenomenal motivational speaker and colleague, 39 year old Art Berg. Art helped tens of thousands of people push through internal barriers to achieve their desired goals. In fact, he named his speaking business Invictus Communications. Invictus is defined as being unconquerable.
His clients included the Baltimore Ravens and some of the world’s most recognized organizations.

Having been paralyzed in a car accident at the age of 21, Art realized the restraints of a wheelchair were not as devastating as the restraints all of us encounter with the limiting thoughts in our mind. Thoughts such as: I can’t really do this; There is no way this is going to work; They won’t buy this proposal; etc. In fact, if you really want to get to the next level, consider any limiting thoughts you may have that prevent you from moving forward.

Art proved in his life that we are the only ones who can hold ourselves back, not any accident, disease, hard luck or any other obstacle we may encounter. Art has shown us this by becoming a world class wheelchair athlete and completing a 325-mile wheelchair race. He also founded two successful businesses.

So when you come across your next limiting thought, think of Art Berg and others you know who have not let their challenges impede success. Most if not all of our limitations reside in our mind. Thank you Art for teaching us this lesson. Your legacy lives on. INVICTUS!

NOTE: Art’s newest book, The Impossible Just Takes Longer, is scheduled for release on March 5th and will be available in all book stores. To look at Art’s other learning tools, please visit