Lloyd Winkler Senior Financial Consultant

Published on August 2, 2002

How tough do you think it would be to start in a new business and within 3 years gain 8-12 new clients per month and realize a 30% annual increase in sales without making one cold call? This is precisely what Lloyd Winkler has achieved since he left his senior level position in the garment industry to start his new career as a financial planner. And Lloyd grows his business strictly through referrals!

In you were to meet Lloyd to review your financial goals, he will explain to you that part of his compensation is referrals from satisfied clients. Lloyd is very focused on whom he wants for a client. He is not interested in serving 3,000 people. He wants upscale clients who are willing to provide him with referrals if they are satisfied with his work.

Satisfaction is the name of the game. He knows he can make more money by satisfying clients and getting referrals from them than making hundreds of cold calls. Don’t get me wrong; cold calls work for many people. Lloyd Winkler is living proof of how referral selling works and how it can be highly profitable. One more thing. Lloyd has not experienced cycles where his business drops down every so often, even in today’s unstable economic climate.

No matter how bad things get, Lloyd still sells! His success is mainly because of his attitude. If stocks are down, fixed income instruments become a great solution for people who are worried. He believes you can sell anytime, anywhere. It all has to do with your attitude.

Congratulations Lloyd, our Titan Profile of the Month. You are a Titan example that superstars continue to shine no matter what the circumstances are.

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