Jane Carroll

Published on September 2, 2002

Jane Carroll www.jane-carroll.com

What do Michael J. Fox, Angela Bassett, Calvin Klein, Halle Berry and Magic Johnson have in common? They call Jane Carroll when they need their event to stand out.

Jane Carroll started a business the Titan Way 9 years ago in the basement of her home in the Bronx. She knew everyone needs flowers to celebrate events. But, what people really want is a unique presentation that can’t be found anywhere else. And guess what? If it is unique enough, people will pay a premium for it!

Jane provides her clients with artistic sculpture floral designs for events and parties. Imagine putting a Trug on every table at your next event. What’s a Trug? It is half tree trunk and half log. The Trug is hand carved with 3 holes, each hole holding a glass votive with fresh flowers in it. When the flowers die, you can replace them with standard votive candles. Or, try her Sunflower Tea Lites-fresh sunflower heads without the pedals. A tea lite is wrapped in tin
and dropped into the head of the flower.

All of her work is customized. Every client speaks directly to Jane and she creates all of the designs. While that may limit her volume, it does not limit her profit as people will pay for unique designs. She also concentrates on detail because her clients expect perfection and to her the most valuable asset is her reputation. Isn’t that true for all of us?

Bottom line, Jane concentrates on her clients wants as well as their needs. It’s one thing to provide people with flowers. It’s another thing to provide flowers the way they want it.

One last thing! Jane is very passionate about what she does. It shows in her work and that is why everyone wants to talk to her. Her recent interviews include Oprah and The View. You can also read about Jane in the November Issue of Style.

Congratulations Jane Carroll, our Titan Profile of the Month. You have shown us how to build a business around value and charge premium prices when you give people what they need in the way they want it.

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