Fear vs. Opportunity Mindset

Published on October 2, 2002

Ever faced a situation where things seemed to start going wrong right from the very beginning? This often happens not so much by what the world has thrown at us, but rather by how we react to the situation to begin with.

Imagine you are getting ready to go on a big sales call where the deal you are looking to close is huge. I mean the killer deal. The one that is going to make your entire year. Below are two mindsets from which you can attack this situation. Which mindset do you think gives you the best chance for success?

The first mindset revolves around fear. The fear of not losing the deal. You constantly hear that internal voice yelling “don’t blow this deal”!

The second mindset revolves around opportunity. It’s the mindset that looks at the situation and asks what can you do to ensure your success in closing the deal?

Two different mindsets, two different outcomes. The mindset built on fear is very self focused and forces you to defend your position so you don’t lose the deal. The problem is, what do have to do defend if you don’t have the deal in the first place? You use up more energy operating from a mindset based on fear and you get less in return. Look at one of the secrets of martial arts. Instead of meeting force with force, martial arts teaches us to harness the energy of the force used by your enemy and go with the flow, thereby creating a much more powerful and positive outcome for you.

The mindset built on opportunity takes your energy and focuses it on ways to create value in the eyes of your customer. You are constantly looking for what’s missing in your customer’s world which will allow you to put forth a solution that is considered to be vital. This mindset creates power from the energy you use in asking questions about where the customer is trying to go and what is important to them.

Is the pressure to close more sales forcing you to fight fear with misdirected energy in your sales calls? Or are you looking at ways to find moments of opportunity which will result in closing more sales?

The choice is yours. It all has to do with your mindset!

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