What’s Your Decision?

Published on October 2, 2002

A man and a woman are walking down the street and see a for sale sign on a six story apartment building in a less than desirable part of town. The man comments on how foolish anyone must be to spend their hard earned money on a building in such disrepair in a bad part of town.

The woman, on the other hand, imagines what the building would look like if it’s original beauty and charm were restored. Then she thinks further out in time and imagines the value this building would command once the neighborhood rebounds.

The man never gives it a second thought. The woman calls in her financial and legal advisors and calculates the perceived risks and rewards if she goes through with the transaction. Convinced the potential rewards outweigh the risks, she moves forward and buys the building.

Which type of person describes you? In today’s tough times, people are becoming more conservative and less willing to take risk and make things happen. This is the time to start setting yourself up for the large rewards when the economy finally turns around.

For example, do you wait for better times before you get your marketing systems in place and improve your quality and service? Do you wait for business to get better before you will
go out and invest in honing your skills?

The time to get ready and prepare for your success is now, especially in tough times! Not when the good times appear. If you wait for the good times to come, you will not be in a position to jump out of the gate and reap all of the potential rewards. You will be busy getting ready to succeed.

Times are tough. But there is business to be done NOW!!! There is also a lot work to be done now to get geared up for the good times!!! What are you going to do today? Complain or take advantage of the opportunities that arise out of tough times?
Only you can decide this.

“Success does not happen out of thin air. It is created.” That’s a quote from me, Ron Karr. That’s a quote you can take to the bank

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