Thank You From Karyn!!!

Published on November 2, 2002

Who is Karyn? She is an individual who spent money way beyond her means and wound up with credit card debt of $20,000. Unable to pay it, she did the next best thing. She asked us to pay it for her.

Karyn started the web site She asked visitors to help her pay down her debt with donations. Can you believe she collected an astonishing amount of over $13,000? Then she sold some of the things she bought on e-bay fetching another $4k. With $17,000 collected, she forked over $3,000 of her own money and finally paid off her debt.

I don’t know about you, but I found this story rather incredulous. Personally, I am livid that anyone would take it upon themselves to ask other people to pay off their debt when they couldn’t control themselves.

Having said this, it is also amazing that just by being pro-active and asking people to make donations, (like asking for the order), she was able to get people to help her.

I guarantee that all of you have more value to offer through your products and services than Karyn did in asking people to pay off her debt. Question is, are you making the calls and asking for the order?

Karyn’s story is a classic example of what can happen when you simply ask for the order. It also is a textbook case study on how you can create something out of nothing. She even has a products page on her web site with golf shirts, sweaters, etc., all with the “savekaryn” logo.

If she can make a living getting out of debt, what’s stopping you from going out and selling more? Believe me, you have a lot more to offer and it should be easier to sell. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. Like asking for the order!!!

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