Lita Rosario

Published on April 2, 2003

Corporate Sales Manager, Hoover’s OnLine

It’s an old saying that when the student is ready to learn, the teacher appears. Lita Rosario, a highly accomplished sales manger at Hoover’s Online (one of the most subscribed to business intelligence services), was looking for ways to increase her sales productivity.

Understanding sales is a numbers game, she wanted to increase her percentage of return responses on both voice mails and e-mails. She typically leaves a message such as, “This is Lita from Hoovers and I want to talk to you about business intelligence. Please call me back”. Basically your name, rank and file message. The response rate to these messages was to Lita’s best recollection less then 1%.

And then lightening struck! Lita picked up the book The Titan Principle® and was struck by the concept and power of the Resource Proclamation. She realized her original message were all self-focused and lacked any information regarding the value one would receive from returning her calls.

She proceeded to insert her Resource Proclamation into her e-mails and voice mails and the results were spectacular. She now gets a return closer to 10% . Think about it. If Lita makes 100 calls, she now gets 10 people calling her back. With her 30% closing ratio, she now gets 3 sales per 100 calls, versus one sale per 300 calls.

Lita realizes it’s the little things that lead to big results. Little things like getting people to call you back. If you want to know what her Resource Proclamation is, it’s “Hoover’s Online can improve your teams productivity, profitability and increase your competitive advantage”.

Congratulations Lita Rosario, our Titan Profile of the month.

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