Make Sure You Are Heard

Published on May 2, 2003

When David Zappone was trying to get a job interview in the 1970’s, he realized the manager looking for the right candidate was likely to receive hundreds of resumes. He decided to tape his resume as a way to ensure his resume made it to the top of the pile. David recorded the reasons why he should be the one hired for the job and it worked! He was brought in for an interview. There was only one thing on the manager’s desk when they met, a tape recorder with David’s tape in it. The manager simply pressed the play button and started the recording. The rest, as they say, is history.”>Get more information on how to get noticed

David Zappone today is a successful executive with Timber Trading Group. He has always thought “outside of the box” to get himself noticed. As you struggle on a day to day basis to get heard by the people you are trying to influence, ask yourself if you are doing it in a way that is innovative and impressive. Simply going through the motions of trying to be heard will often not result in differentiating yourself from the competition. Thinking about how you can stand out from the crowd and allowing yourself to be creative is essential. Most of us do not do this simply because we don’t take the time, are not willing to take risk, or allow ourselves to be stopped by negative thoughts.

Whatever you do, remember one thing. People like to be impressed, intrigued and stimulated. Let your true talents shine and think of ways you can present yourself in a unique manner that will be noticed. You can’t influence others if they don’t hear you to begin with.

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