There is No Better Time Than The Present

Published on September 2, 2003

My biggest challenge of writing the Titan E Report every month is trying to figure out what to write. There are days when my mind is not too creative. I realize it’s hard to imagine that I too get bogged down with the issues of the day. Or, as we authors like to call it, Writer’s Block. But whether you are a writer or not, we all have blocks that stop us from doing things.

What I have found that works most of the time is to stop thinking about the block and just start doing it. Before you know it, your energy starts to rise, and you get into the task and just do it. This way you know it is going to get done. The other way, thinking why you can’t do it, will only lead to more depressed thinking with little or no action and no results. It then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Guess what? This is exactly what I did to write this piece. My mind started going down the road of how tired it is and that it was not in the mood of writing about motivation. Just starting to write about this concept led to this piece and the job is now done.


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