Joel N. Greenberg

Published on December 2, 2003

Joel N. Greenberg
Financial Representative- Guardian

If you look at Joel Greenberg’s title above, it is simply understated in terms of what he really does for a living. Joel is a master at networking and being an invaluable resource to his clients. His version of cold calling is going out in the winter to meet with a client. Joel gets all of his clients through referrals, but recognizes that the business opportunities may not develop overnight.

He may meet a business owner looking to get zoning approval to purchase new land. Hearing about the challenges facing the business owner, Joel will line up the necessary support through his contacts. While he does this on his own with no guarantee of future business, he knows that if you constantly help others get what they need and want, you build relationships and in the end will get your fair share in return.

It is this process that enables Joel to sell a far ranging set of services and products from insurance to 401k plans. His referral network helped him land clients ranging from entrepreneurs to mature businesses and influential private clients.

In short, when Joel wakes up every morning, instead of worrying about where his business is going to come from, he concentrates on helping his clients and others succeed in life. He knows if he spends time with the right people, he will eventually be exposed to unlimited business opportunities. This is why Joel has achieved average annual growth of 15% over the last 25 years.

Congratulations to Joel Greenberg, our Titan Profile of the Month. You are a stellar example of how Titans stay on top year after year.

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