10 Reasons Why You Won’t Get a Sale Today!!!

Published on March 2, 2004

Ron’s Top 10 Reasons Why You Won’t Get a Sale Today!!!

Let me make this real simple. Reasons 1-10: It’s all in your mind.

Warren Greshes, a colleague and motivational speaker, used to tell a story of when he sold in the garment industry. Everyone told him not to even attempt to sell in December because nobody buys in December. Of course, he didn’t listen to them and he sold a lot of stuff in December.

Today, we are all being bombarded by negative news headlines. Nobody is buying because they fear a terrorist attack. The government says the economy is strong, but nobody is doing anything. I have no business because the market stinks. We can stop right here. Let me
tell you why have no business. You have no business because you are not doing what it takes to get business.

Yes, times are different. It’s not as easy to sell as it was in the go-go years. Instead of people calling you, you now have to reach out to them. In my business, instead of looking at 100 talks per year, we probably look at 50 talks per year because the market is down. That doesn’t mean I have to make less money. It just means I have to reposition myself and offer value to clients in other areas such as consulting and assessments.

Since reality tv is really popular, let me give you this reality check. Business is great these days! You first have to believe that so you don’t get stopped by the negative statement that no one will buy from you today. Once you believe this, the next thing you must do is open yourself up to the opportunities out there and figure out how you can take advantage of them.

For example, companies made money by selling us e-mail software that allows us to blast our marketing messages to thousands of people instantaneously. Now, all of a sudden, we are all bombarded by hundreds of e-mails we call spam. The companies selling the e-mail blasts are feeling the crunch because it’s not working as effectively as before. Why, because somebody else saw the opportunity and came up with a spam filter software package. Now you can filter your e-mails and get rid of the spam just as instantaneously as it was sent to you. But wait, it gets better. If you still insist on sending your marketing message and want to barge through the spam filters, you can now run your e-mail through a spam checker that will tell you what words and phrases you will need to change in order to get by the spam filters.

Get the point? People are making money today. It all has to do with your mindset. If you feel the market is too depressed and nobody is buying, then you are right. Who will buy from you with that attitude? But if you realize there is money to be made, then all you have to do is find the right opportunities. Don’t get stopped by the naysayers. I hate to leave money on the table for my competition.

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