It’s Only a Kick

Published on March 2, 2004

This year’s Super Bowl, if you can put aside the Janet Jackson fiasco, should be known for being one of the best Super Bowls ever played. It all came down to a field goal in the last few seconds of the game. Adam Vinetari missed two earlier field goal attempts, but succeeded on his last try. And this kick meant the difference between being a champion and being a loser.

One out of three kicks resembles what successful people go through every day. There are many failures along the way to success. However, it is only the wins that count. Question is, when it comes to “Showtime”, are you ready to perform? How many practice kicks did Vinetari take throughout the year to get ready for this one pressure packed moment?

Or, take Tiger Woods. If he wins a round by one stroke, it literally means taking home a winning check upwards of $1M vs. the golfer in second place who takes home 50% or less of Tiger Woods earnings. One stroke is all that separated these players.

But is it really one stroke? No! It is constant practice and training that gets you ready to successfully make the crucial putt or critical kick that will propel you into a champion and separate you from the rest of the field.

By reading this e-report, you are practicing your craft. But don’t stop here. Staying mentally fit to carry out your job and superbly perform your skills requires a keen determination and commitment on your part. What do you need to do to further hone your skills, ensure your success and not leave money on the table for your competition to steal? This is a question you must be asking yourself daily. The moment you stop asking this question and acting on your answers is the moment you have effectively stopped competing.

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