Titan Olympic Moment

Published on August 10, 2004

Imagine you are front runner to win the Olympic Gold in the men’s all around competition. That’s just where Paul Hamm was when he started his vault routine. After running gracefully towards the vault, magnificently soaring into the air, doing incredible flips and preparing for his landing approach, disaster struck. on impact, Paul’s legs gave out and he lost control. He fell flat on his butt, rolling off to the side and landing on the edge of the judges table. You could see the painful expression on his face and the image of his dream passing through his eyes.

While the next competitor was doing his thing, TV commentators kept talking about how dejected and frustrated Paul Hamm must be. Hamm had other things in mind. Yes, he was dejected, but he was intent on doing his next and last routine as perfectly as possible. He was not going to leave Athens without giving it his best shot.

His next routine was perfect and to the amazement of everyone watching the event world wide, Paul Hamm wound up winning the gold.

Lessons to be learned we all make mistakes but the superstars don’t let those mistakes keep them down. They get right back up, dust themselves off, and keep going for the gold.

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