Watching the Fish go Down

Published on August 24, 2004

The Partnership for a Drug Free America has a great commercial. Honestly, I forgot the message. But the visual was awesome. It involved a fish tank with a couple of gold fish swimming around. During the commercial, the water level constantly drops until there was hardly any water left.

You may wonder, what did the fish do while the water level dropped? They kept swimming lower and lower to stay in the water, until they had no where else to go. As for drugs, I still need to see the commercial again to get the point. But as to motivation, there definitely is a point to examine.

As you go through your daily routines, are you limited by self doubts? Do you not take risks because you are afraid of failure, and in some cases, afraid of success? Do you avoid trying new things because you are not sure they will work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are acting like the fish did in the commercial. People often get stuck and do not rise to greater heights of success because of their limiting thoughts. Think of your success as the water level in the fish tank. The more you let limiting thoughts get in the way, the more the water level recedes, as does your success. The less you pay attention to these limiting thoughts, the water level rises.

Can you just picture what life would be like if the water level keeps rising and rising forever?

Forget the B.S. and rationalizations as to why it can’t continuously rise. Just concentrate on what it will take to have your water level constantly rising on a daily basis. For one, thing, you will never run out of room. If it keeps continuously rising, you will wind up with a whole lot of room to play around in. In other words, the world will be yours.

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