Titan Olympic Moment

Imagine you are front runner to win the Olympic Gold in the men’s all around competition. That’s just where Paul Hamm was when he started his vault routine. After running gracefully towards the vault, magnificently soaring into the air, doing incredible flips and preparing for his landing approach, disaster struck. on impact, Paul’s legs gave … Continue reading Titan Olympic Moment

Weizmann Institute of Science

Ronald E. Karr, President of Karr Associates, Inc., has accepted an invitation to be a diplomat for the Weizmann Institute of Science. The Weizmann Institute based in Rehovot, Israel, is a center of scientific research and graduate study, addressing crucial issues in medicine and health, technology, energy, agriculture and the environment. Its 2,500 scientists, students, … Continue reading Weizmann Institute of Science

Don Gabor

Don Gabor Best Selling Author www.DonGabor.com As an expert on conversation skills, you might have the expectation that Don Gabor is also a seasoned sales expert. Undoubtedly, Don is the master in getting people to talk. But, Don wanted to improve his success rate in one other key area, closing more business. Before Don took … Continue reading Don Gabor

New vs. Old Customers

Do you treat existing customers differently from new customers? Most people do and it is disgusting. For one thing, we tend to take existing customers for granted. All of the special attention we provided prospects to turn them into customers tends to dissipate once they are on board. In some cases, when it comes time … Continue reading New vs. Old Customers

Linda Dillman

“You build a perception of your potential based on what you see in your life” Linda Dillman Chief Information Officer- Wal-Mart Stores   Translation: If you are closing sales, you have the perception you are good. If you are stuck in a slump, the perception changes and you start questioning your worthiness. To constantly succeed, … Continue reading Linda Dillman

Who’s Fired?

When we hear “You’re Fired”, the first thing that comes to mind is Donald Trump’s Apprentice show. Yet, is the concept of firing limited to employees? The answer is a resounding no!!! How about firing some customers? Customers fire vendors for not being good. So, why can’t vendors fire customers who do not fit their … Continue reading Who’s Fired?

Bill Brooks-

“People who do what they feel like doing today won’t be able to do what they want for the rest of their lives.” Bill Brooks- Author, Professional Speaker, Consultant Translation: You can fulfill yourself everyday by not going through the pain of change and working outside of your box. While you feel good that day, … Continue reading Bill Brooks-