Rick Feeley

“When you say something, the customer hears it as an opinion. When the customer says the same thing, they consider it to be fact” Rick Feeley Director of Sales, Timber Trading Translation: What ever you say to the customer is not as powerful than if they said it themselves. Instead of showing how much you … Continue reading Rick Feeley

Don Cameron

Don Cameron President Guilford Technical Community College Did you ever wonder how a small community college can grow in difficult economic times? Just ask Don Cameron, President of Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) in North Carolina. Don has seen his share of tough times. The long gas lines in the early 70’s, the recessions of … Continue reading Don Cameron

Modern Day Prospecting

We all know about the intelligent databases marketing companies use to mine information on its buyers so they can be targeted to in a customized manner. But what about customized cold calls? If you are still dialing for dollars blindly, chances are you’re wasting your time. While prospecting is still a numbers game, today’s technology … Continue reading Modern Day Prospecting