Staying in Communication

Published on September 17, 2007

There are certain phrases you have heard in your life that have stuck in the forefront of your consciousness. One such phrase for me is “Staying In Communication”. It is a phrase that a colleague Paul Dominguez has drilled into my mind over and over again. Communication is the single, most important attribute one can refer to as the reason for any success or failure in business. Increasing sales and revenues is a direct result of staying in communication. Here are 3 situations in which staying in communication is critical:

  1. Timing: Nido Qubein, Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co. and President of Highpoint University, claims communication is the key to success. Everyday he reaches out to 4 people whom he wishes to keep in contact with. Usually, it is with hand written notes. It can be with a phone call. Either way, he is always communicating and staying in touch with dozens of people every month.Whether you are sending a thank you note or an article of interest, you need to stay in front of your customers, colleagues and people of influence. Timing is everything in sales. Staying in front of your market allows them to think of you when the time comes to make a purchase for products and services you sell.
  2. Breaking a Slump: When things go wrong there is a natural tendency to withdraw. Problems are very often overblown by your own mind. By reaching out and talking to others, you may well realize that things are not as bad as you think. You could also gain insight on potential solutions to your problems. Either way, staying in touch with others is essential to breaking a slump.
  3. Rewards and Recognition: There is no greater feeling than when someone hears positive comments about their performance. Recognition is the number 1 motivational tool out there. It even trumps money. While money is important to many people, it is purely a form of recognition. Reach out and tell people how well they are doing. You can even congratulate your customers when they do business with you. Imagine receiving a note that says “congratulations on your decision to….”.

The more you stay in communication, the more successful you will be.

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