10 Top Ways to Sell More in a Down Economy

Published on January 8, 2008

The economy is bad. People are not buying. Business stinks and you can’t make a living these days. Do you believe that? If so, you need an attitude adjustment right now.

Remember this: As you sit there thinking about how bad things are, someone is buying something from your competitor. So stop thinking about how bad things are and make sure they are buying from you.

  1. Stop thinking about how bad things are and call someone. Nothing happens without getting into conversation.
  2. Remember that in every problem there is great opportunity. A down economy is full of opportunities.
  3. Vendor loyalty is not as strong in a down economy. People need solutions. Give them a reason to switch.
  4. Find out the challenges facing the person on the other side of the desk or phone.
  5. Sell the outcome and not the feature.
  6. Qualify your prospects better. Don’t waste time with people who have no need or for whom the timing is not right. A down economy only means there aren’t as many deals out there. But people are buying. You may have to work harder than before.
  7. Strengthen your value proposition. In down markets, value propositions have to be stronger to get people to act.
  8. Qualify your markets better. If you have the ability, sell to markets who are not affected by the downturn. If your market is effected, find and deal only with the people who appreciate what you have to offer.
  9. Harden your soul. In down markets, the phone doesn’t ring as much. You have to be the rainmaker and uncover the opportunities. Rejection is often realized. Don’t let it stop you. Remember, you don’t get penalized for the no’s you receive in life. You only get rewarded for the yes’s.
  10. Leverage all existing relationships and customers for referrals. Now is not the time to be shy.

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