The Integrated Dialogue(TM)

Published on January 22, 2009

This morning I went to take my vitamins and noticed that the huge bottles containing my new supply disappeared. I asked my wife if she saw them. Using her skills of putting things in order, she merely took the old bottles and emptied them into the new bottles, thereby clearing up the unseemly clutter. I sat there wondering why I did not think of this simple yet effective idea.

Welcome to the Integrated Dialogue(TM), which is what happens when two or more people join forces to discuss issues. From this Integrated Dialogue(TM), new ideas and solutions emerge, solutions which would never have been thought of if the Integrated Dialogue(TM) did not occur. In the example of my wife handling my vitamins, you can see that the Integrated Dialogue(TM) does not necessarily require two people talking at the same time. It is about two or more people putting their heads together to find a solution.

To increase your level of influence, do not act from the mindset of trying to sell something. Act from the mindset of having an Integrated Dialogue(TM) to explore the issues and create solutions acceptable to all.

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