What IsThe Most Powerful Word in The English Language —-“BECAUSE”

Published on April 28, 2009

Imagine you have been waiting on a long line for the cashier in a supermarket.  After 20 minutes your turn is finally approaching and out of nowhere someone cuts in front of you.  What would you do?  Depending on your personality and values, the answers would vary from being quite physical to saying “hey buddy, the line starts back there”.  Now imagine the same scenario, this time the person who cuts in front of you says:  “Would you terribly mind if I cut in?  I need to because……………………….”

The reasons after the word “because” can vary from the person needing to get back to a child or animal in a car, needing to get home for an ailing person, being late picking up his kids, being late for work, not feeling well, etc.  The actual reason matters, but it would not mean anything if the word “because” did not precede it.

The word “because” signals a justification, a reason why something should be done.  In the example above, not many people would be thrilled with someone cutting in front of them on line.  However, if they asked you permission and said I need to do this “because”, most often than not, that person will be allowed in line.  The person granting this wish may be still be upset, but the wish was granted.

To bolster your chances of having your request accepted, make sure it is presented in terms of how it will benefit the person you are seeking assistance from.  For example, “I really hate to do this, but would you terribly mind if I went before you.  It’s really important because my aunt is not feeling well and she is sitting in the car.  You would be doing her such a favor”.  Again, the person on line may not appreciate the intrusion. But you gave a reason and explained how he will benefit by feeling good from helping someone out.

For people to act, they need compelling reasons.  The word “because” signals that a compelling reason is about to be verbalized.  If you want to increase your sphere of influence, remember to use the word “because”.  Then, make sure you have a good enough reason that benefits not just yourself but the person whom are asking for help.

Here’s another one.  When you try to switch lanes in bumper to bumper traffic, people for the most part are sensitive to others cutting in; especially here in NYC.  Next time, roll down your window and simply put your arm out and wave nicely asking for permission to get in front.  90% of the time this works.  The physical act of waving your arm has just become the “because” factor.  What’s in it for the other person? You have just given them control to accept or reject your request.  Most people respond positively when they feel in control.

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