Little Things Can Produce the Biggest Results

Published on July 29, 2009

Two days ago I received an e-mail that floored me. It was from a manager at a local Cheesecake Factory who remembered my visit to her restaurant in 2005. Here is a quote from her e-mail—

Back in ’05 I met you at the Cheesecake Factory where I worked. I was a manager there and I approached your table to see how your experience was going. We had a brief conversation and as I was being called away to assist an employee you asked me for my address. You told me you had written a book and would like to send me a copy. I was not only impressed with the fact that I received the book, but the fact that you spelled my name correctly blew me away. When I received the book and opened it you had written inside, “To Carmin, Thanks for the great customer service. Best wishes” and you signed it. I’ve been with Cheesecake Factory for 5 years and in all my correspondence with them they spell my name Carmen. Just wanted you to know that to this day I still refer back to your book, Idiots Guide to Great Customer Service.”

Imagine that! I sent a book as a token of my appreciation to Carmin for her great customer service, and to this date, she remembers it and is still greatly impacted by that action. Think about how a ittle thing like spelling a person’s name correctly can have such a huge impact on someone. What about an employer who cannot spell the employee’s name? Or in my case, how about when I check into a hotel, car rental, airport, etc. and spell my name outright K-A-R-R and they still can’t find the reservation because they are looking under C when I just spelled it correctly. Afterall, they know how my name should be spelled, right? Wrong!

How about listening to how others do things and acknowledging their efforts. The little things in life can make huge differences! Let me ask you this. The next time I speak to Carmin, do you think I will have her undivided attention? You bet I will. Do you think she will hear my words and I will have a certain level of influence, trust and acceptance with her? You bet I will. Isn’t this what sales executives and all people of influence struggle to achieve every day?Do yourself a favor. Spend less time on planning elaborate sales strategies and a little more time on the little things like acknowledgement and getting the details right. If Carmin was so impressed with my getting her name correct, do you think she would have been as impressed or even cared that I sent her the book if I spelled her name wrong? Not as much.

The difference is in the little things you do. Carmin, thank you for making my day. Keep on doing what you are doing. The economy cannot recover without the herculean efforts of people like you. You are our true champions!

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Enjoy your 4th July. Have fun, be safe and celebrate with your friends and family. We have a lot to be grateful this weekend thanks to the little things our men and women in service have done to protect our freedom.

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