Are You Strong Enough To Sell Your Way Out of the Recession?

Published on February 18, 2010

What would you do with a client, even if he is retired, who claims you added millions of dollars to his bottom line, not top line? You stay in touch in with the guy.

On Tuesday, I called John Treace, retired EVP of Sales for Xomed Surgical and Wright Medical and ask about his thoughts regarding today’s sales environment.

He said something very interesting: “The only way to come out of this recession strong is to sell your way out of it. You have to sell what you have. That means you need to have a strong sales force in all areas. Any weak area can cause significant loss of revenue, even for the big players. Why? Because the little guys are doing anything and everything to claw their way to survival.”

Is there any part of your sales operation that or sales process you feel is not as strong as it should be and needs to be addressed in order to maintain and increase your sales revenues and market share? That is the question I am posing to my clients. Please give it some thought and feel free to call me to discuss your findings. I am confident we can help you address these issues soon enough to ensure attainment of your 2010 goals.

Great News! Just heard from my publisher yesterday that Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way continues to sell and is even selling stronger than when it was released in 2009. From the comments we have heard, people are getting the answers they need to strengthen their sales process and thrive in this recession.