Competition or Creation- Which Generates Greater Success?

Published on February 23, 2010

To sell more than your competition, are you thinking about what the competition is doing or are you concentrating on unleashing your creativity?

In his book The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles claims that if you want to get rich, you must operate out of creativity and not be in competition with others. This phrase struck me between the eyes because this is exactly what I have been coaching my clients all along.

On Page 41 of my new book Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way, I give a case study of a client who hired me to help them win a bid. There were three competitors involved. After getting them to visualize the result they wanted, which was a negotiated agreement vs. a bid, we embarked on an 18 month journey of repositioning them with their customer. The result was a 10 year agreement worth over $200 Million.

Several times during strategy sessions, they always asked the question how our competitors will respond. I kept reminding them not to worry about their competitors. They will take care of themselves. What they need to worry about are the goals, gaps and issues their customer is dealing with and being creative in helping solve those problems.

In other words, concentrate more on raising the bar vs. competing with others. When you raise the bar, you force the competition to chase you. You never want to stare into someone else’s tail lights.

When people and companies constantly compete against others, all they accomplish is developing a similar offering which will lead to a commoditization of their products and services. In this situation, price becomes more important than it should be.

Instead of worrying about the competition, raise the bar. Unleash your creativity to generate new and better results for those you are trying to influence. When you do that, there will be no competition.

This is what we mean when we say Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way!

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