Success Starts with Sales and Service

Published onĀ January 1, 2012

Sears announced it is closing 79 stores (Sears and Kmart stores) due to poor financials of the company. The closing of these stores was not due to poor financials. It is due to bad management. Senior management spent money on every strategy except improving its customer service and sales process. Instead of creating great customer events and turning the stores into places people would want to drive to, it simply cut expenses to the bone-the point where no one in their right mind would take the time nor expense to visit those stores.

If someone does not buy an item on line and decides to drive to a brick and mortar store, they are automatically looking for something the on line experience does not provide. They want a pleasing environment to look and touch the merchandise. They want to the feel the Midas touch as store employees give the customers a great experience through their service and sales skills.

Wake up senior executives in all industries. The companies that are going to thrive are those that exceed their customerā€™s expectations. To do so, you must continuously invest in providing your employees with the critical skills and environment for them to create great customer moments. Cut this expense out of the budget and you might as well start closing your doors now!

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