What If You Could Get Back a Year of Your Life…

What if you could instantly get back a year of your life? That’s right. By making one little change in the way you operate you can literally get back a year of your life. Watch this video to see how:

Let’s start a conversation. What are the common assumptions you make in life that prevent you from achieving more?

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  1. Ron, this is a great point! I see this at home. After 21 years together, my husband and I both have a habit of mentally starting a conversation and then verbalizing mid-way through, assuming the other person is following along. Neither one of us is a mind reader! The time we waste backtracking the conversation could definitely be used in a more fulfilling manner.

  2. Not interested in getting a year back. There is no lost year or lost time. Everything that I am today is a result of the past … the good, the bad, and the ugly – to cite Clint Eastwood. You can’t experience good without evil, white without black, or joy without sorrow. My life couldn’t be working out any better than it is.

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