How To Get New Customers—Fast

Published on January 25, 2012

Want to get new Customers Fast? Try giving it away for free!

Chris Anderson in his book FREE tells of the Jell-O Case Study.

At the turn of the 20th century, Jell-O was considered the desert of the rich. The key ingredient for Jell-O is Gelatin, which comes from Collagen, a protein based substance found in cow and pig bones. Only the rich could afford the time to grind out the collagen and make this dish.

Pearle Wait found a way to create a process that would produce Jell-O in a fraction of the time and bring it to the masses. But he had trouble marketing it because the masses did not know anything about this product or how to use it. After two years of frustration, Wait sold the trademark to Frank Woodward who knew how to generate new customers for this brand new product.

The Concept Was Called FREE!

Woodward started printing pamphlets with recipes and sent salesmen door to door to deliver these pamphlets. Customers eventually went into their general stores and started asking for the product. In the first 25 years over a quarter billion copies of the Jell-O recipe book was distributed free. The result—-Jell-O today is one of the top brands in the food industry in terms of brand recognition and sales.

Are you trying to get new customers fast? Are you trying to figure out the best way to prospect for sales? Start displaying your value free of charge. Give people a taste of what you or your products can do for them.

People always tell me never give anything for free. I ask why not? Their reply is people will just take and never buy and some will just steal your idea.

My response is their thinking is too short sighted and they are probably dealing with the wrong people.

Listen, these blog and video postings I am doing are all for free. More people read them than those who hire me. And that is okay. I am providing value.

More importantly, I am giving those who hire me a reason to do so. They have already tasted the value of what I can provide for their organizations and themselves. They are confident in their decisions.

What can you do to provide a taste of what you can do for your customers and clients so you can generate more revenues?

What technology are you using to provide that taste? Are you using You Tube to provide visual experiences? Linked-In to provide answers to questions your market is seeking?

There are many ways to provide a free taste of what you are offering at little or no expense. Something Frank Woodward did not have. Imagine the risk he took in printing all those recipe books and delivering them.

Today, no one has an excuse as to why they are not building a “free” strategy into their marketing and sales campaigns.

Now the question is when people call you because they like the taste, what do you do to develop the relationship and close the deal?  FREE- Download first three chapters of Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way!!!