How to Succeed With Limited Resources

Published on February 3, 2012

How would you answer the follow questions?

Do think about the money you don’t have to do things or the things you want to do regardless of how much money you have?

Do you think about the limited resources you have in servicing clients or the ideal service level you want achieve?

Do you think about the things not working in your relationships or the type of relationships you want to have?

The first part of the above questions revolves around lack and the latter part revolves around abundance.

Reading this you may think this is the old positive thinking philosophy. But it goes way beyond. It affects the decisions you make and the behaviors you exhibit.

For example, if you want to engage in a new marketing program and realize you have no money to spend, your creativity is automatically shut down and you are now consumed with the fact you have no money and all actions stop in the creation of money. This is the mindset of lack.

Now, what if you looked at the same situation out of a mindset of abundance. The issue at hand is a new marketing initiative. You know there are no funds available. But instead of concentrating on that, you are creating a picture of how the initiative looks like and the results it will produce. You keep this picture in your conscious mind for most of your waking hours because you believe in it.

Do you think your actions will be different operating from this mindset or from the mindset of lack? Do you think your results will be different?

The answer is yes. By implementing the mindset of abundance, ideas will come to you on how to implement the initiative and fund it. In other words, this will idea will become reality.

Take a moment and see how you think through your challenges and desires. Share with us examples of the success you have achieved from operating out of an abundance mindset.