Using Your Blind Side to Grow Your Business

Published on February 28, 2012

In the movie The Blind Side, Sandra Bulllock plays the part of a wealthy woman who takes in a homeless young man (Michael Oher) who goes on to become an NFL Star.  In the movie, Michael tries out for the high school football team and struggles a great deal.

Michael is a young man in a big body.  The coaches expect him to be a star football player right off the bat without ever having played the game.  They are frustrated when he keeps screwing up because of his lack of knowledge of the game and blocking skills necessary to succeed.

Frustrated one day, Sandra is at practice and tells the coach to hold up a minute.  She found out from the high school guidance counselor that while Michael scores were at the lower end on most metrics, he scored in the highest percentile (98%) in protective instincts.  Meaning he is an individual you can trust to watch your back and protect you.

Sandra immediately pulls Michael by the shoulder pads and tells him to consider his quarterback, full back and all the other players on his team to be his family.  That the other team is looking to hurt his family.  And his job is to protect them and make sure no one lays a hand on the player with the ball.

On the very next play Michael protects “his family” and goes on to become an NFL Star.

Here is the point.  All of us are not equal.  If you are a manager coaching every player on your team in skill development using the same techniques and same motivation for everyone, you are not going to get optimal performance from every player.  You must understand each individual’s character and make-up.  Your must coach to each player’s strength and potential.

The same holds true in sales.  Every buyer has a different make-up and makes decisions based on their individual behavioral styles, motivators and experiences.  You cannot present your offering the same way to all of your customers.  You must customize it to their personal traits and needs.

Look for the Blind Side in your customers and employees.  You will see your success skyrocket!