The Shortest Road to Success

Published on May 7, 2012

If you are seeking ways to become more successful, you have to eliminate the concept of becoming and act like you are there already.

The key to achieving success is acting like you have achieved it.  If you want to be a top producer, you must act like one.  Do the things top producers do, think like they do and have the same expectations.

Acting like a top producer means having the confidence and belief that you belong at this level of success.  You engage people in conversations that top producers have.  They are not self-serving conversations.  They are genuine attempts to get to know people and figure out how to best serve them.  Top producers know it’s not always about them.  They know the key to their success is helping others achieve their success goals.  Helping people get to where they want to go will pay more in return than you could ever imagine.

What do top producers do?  They plan, act and think strategically.  They don’t waste time with actions that do not lead to their desired results.  They make sure there is a proper return on investment for their time and other resources. They are not looking to meet minimum expectations.  They are looking to lead the pack and stay on top.  They make sure that all actions support their purpose in life.

What are the expectations of top producers?  First, they always go into situations with the belief that failure is not an option.  Even if they do not have the answers up front, they don’t let that stop them.  They continue to think about the outcomes they want to produce and figure out how to make it happen. They hold themselves accountable and will do whatever it takes to succeed.  If they realize success is not possible, they fold those cards and move on to new situations.  Being successful means you need to know when to fold as well as being tenacious.

Here is the bottom line:  You want to succeed, stop thinking about how you are going to do it and start living the life of a successful person.

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