How To Get Out of a Bad Mood

Published on May 17, 2012

Paul Dominguez, a friend and mentor, always tells me to stay in communication.  What he means by that is if we are not talking to others for an extended period of time, we are susceptible to our own negative thoughts and assumptions.

Want to get out of a bad mood, call someone up and talk to them about anything, even the situation that has soured your mood.  Just getting things off our chest will lighten your mood.  Often the conversation will provide different angles on the situation and one will see light at the end of the tunnel. At the very least, you will be freed from inaction and able to move forward.

Just lost a deal, don’t withdraw and go home.  Call a colleague and share the experience and you will find it is not that bad after all.

Not sure what to do about a situation, call a trusted friend and speak about it.  The conversation will lead to new ideas you will never have thought of on your own.

Not sure how to deal with a lousy coach or boss, talk to a friend or family member.  Vent your feelings and then, most importantly, be open to the responses you are receiving which could lead to a breakthrough.

Sometimes, we just want to talk without hearing advice.  We just want to vent.  As the listener, make sure you know what the “story teller” wants from you.  Listening without advice is all it takes sometimes to help someone out of a bad mood.

If the “story teller” wants advice, then give it.  Just make sure you are relaying it to their situation and while showing empathy and understanding.

It’s true people don’t want to hear others always complaining.  So make sure you are not complaining to the same person all the time.  Otherwise that person will consider you a downer and will stop taking your calls.

You should always try and have a personal conversation in your head to help get you out of the bad mood.  It’s better if you can do it by yourself.  But, if for some reason you are stuck, GET IN COMMUNICATION!!!  Otherwise, you will waste precious time and energy you will never get back.

There are other tools you can use too.  Exercise, humor, Yoga, etc.  Whatever you use, each is a form of communication in getting out your feelings and frustration and moving on.

Smile 🙂 Life is just a game.  Learn to play the game and enjoy the journey.  You really do have a lot to be grateful for.