What People Buy The Most Of

Published on May 18, 2012



With Facebook opening up today on the markets looking to capture over $100 Billion, you probably think that is the most sought after product or service in the world.  But it is not.

The most sought after product or service are those that provide one thing and one thing only…. HOPE!

That’s right, hope!

  • Hope that this product or service can make our lives better.
  • Hope that we can make a lot of money with Facebook.
  • Hope that this vacation will provide us with the necessary relaxation, downtime and ability to reconnect with family.
  • Hope that this pill will cure our disease
  • Hope that this exercise will help flatten our stomachs
  • Hope that the perfume we wear will attract others to us
  • Hope that the clothes we wear will make us look good

You get the point.  The word HOPE defines our wish and need to increase our lot in life, make things better and remove pain.

For if there is no hope, will anyone ever buy your products or services?

If you accept this premise, then is your messaging talking about the outcomes and hope your products and services provide?

Learn the questions you need to ask to find out the hopes of your customers and those you serve!